Dice of Doom and the Temple of Elemental Evil

Session 01: Our arrival at Hommlet and a Trouble with Orcs

In which our heroes arrive at Hommlet and save some pretty local girls who are very friendly thereafter

It had been weeks on the coach to Hommlet. Boring long weeks with nothing but ourselves and some annoying adventurer types for company. On the evening that we arrive, we note the warm glow of the village, the smoke rising from the chimneys, and the screams of people in distress.

Rushing forward we discover a band of Orcs have captured some of the local maidens and are proceeding to carry them off. We charge forth with little care for ourselves, or much understanding of the lethality of AD&D 1st Edition. Quickly Olaf and Filbert take nasty blows. Lemmentu leaps into action with little effect. Fortunately a wizard who had been travelling with us, Inka, had memorised a Sleep spell. Without her efforts we would have been lost. Olaf and Filbert bravely apply their blades to the sleeping Orcs while Cerys and Lemmentu finish up the others.

After the bloodshed is over, our mighty heroes escort the maidens back to their homes and grateful parents who shower us with praise. Also, free board and food for whenever we are in town. Much huzzahs at that, as it turns out adventuring is expensive.


Ellisthion RupertG

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