Dice of Doom and the Temple of Elemental Evil Campaign

After playing around 20 different games over the course of two to three years (you can read about how and why here) we have decided to go back to one of the absolute classics. Not necessarily classic in that it is the best campaign out there, more, it remembered with fear and dread for the vast quantities of TPKs it caused.

The Rules

The original Temple of Elemental Evil module was written by Gary Gygax for the Advanced Dungeons & Dragons 1st Edition system. This system is pretty much the grandfather of all systems, and as the prototype of what was to come, it was fundamentally flawed in a number of ways.

When we were discussing how we would play this game, Duncan pointed out that his father had played heavily in the 1980s and had house ruled large portions of the game into something that made a bit more sense. On hearing the news that we were going to be playing the original edition of AD&D, Duncan’s dad rummaged around on the old mainframe at work that he has been managing since he started roleplaying and he found a wealth of custom rules, notes and guides for the game.

These modified rules are what we will be using through our campaign. You can read about some of them on our blog here: The Foresight of My Father’s AD&D 1st Edition House Rules

The Temple of Elemental Evil module has been re-released by WotC in PDF form. You can purchase it at DnD Classics .

Dice of Doom and the Temple of Elemental Evil

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